How To Take Control Of Your Business And Life Using Trello Shortcuts and Trello Templates
(from How To Grow Your Business to Meal Planning)
by Renee Charbonneau, updated April 20, 2019

You're here because you want to find better ways to manage and use your time. And you're in the right place!

If you're a woman who wants your dreams to inspire others (both you and your clients), you'll want to view this 2-part series.
Moms know what entrepreneurship is all about. Even before life in business, we organize, we systematize, and we know all about putting out fires (sometimes literally!). 

We can create last-minute school projects out of nothing but our imagination and socks that no longer have a partner. 

But let's face it... When it comes to balancing a business with Life As Mommy, having a solid plan — along with and a way to follow, track, and complete that plan — is a luxury we can't afford to be without. And hey, if it's free... even better!

In this 2-part series for the entrepreneur, you're going to learn time management strategies you need for planning for success at home business and life. Having a plan is not only a key to how to grow your business, it's how to stop procrastinating in general. 

Which means your family benefits, too! 

Welcome to my series: How To Take Control Of Your Business And Life Using Trello Shortcuts and Trello Templates.


 This is time management made easy. Click over now: Not just real-life advice, but it comes with a tool anyone can find online for free! (Trello is my fav tool for organization, in and out of my small business!).


 It may sound weird, but have a certain thing for Trello. And using Trello with my meal planning system will not only make your weekly chore of planning meals less stressful, you may just start looking forward to your next planning session!
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About the Instructor
Do you love the RESULTS of being organized in business, but hate the actual ORGANIZING part? 

Hi! I'm Renee Charbonneau.  As a systems and organizational junkie, I show business owners how to stop procrastinating, get the business growth they want, and go from chaos to cash flow!

Seriously... this is business strategy and digital marketing made easy! Working with you over the phone or video conference, my planning & strategy sessions are the perfect resource for anyone wanting to be more out of their business. 

A bit more about me... 
I live in beautiful Utah with my  husband (also an entrepreneur) and 5 energetic kids. I love playing and watching volleyball and binge watching my favorite shows (if only the new seasons would start! Where are you, Poldark?).
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